There are times when parents and schools simply do not agree on some issue affecting a child’s education: behaviour, academic progress, sanctions, truancy, teachers, conflict with other students, discrimination, home work, uniform and many other issues. Initially, in mediation, parents and school personnel will sit down separately and then collectively with an impartial third person (the mediator), talk openly about the areas where they disagree, and try to reach a solution or agreement in a more informal setting. This is a way of resolving differences and building a more positive relationship with the help of an impartial third person.

When students are involved, our experienced mediators will ensure the process is tailored to suit young people. In cases where difficulties at home are being experienced the mediators will arrange separate meetings so that those involved can give their points of view in a safe and neutral environment in order to arrive at an agreement to resolve the issues.

Disagreements between parents and schools and various other matters or issues no matter how small, left unresolved can cause stress, anxiety and trauma which more often than not can result in unnecessary pain, worry and health issues!

With our male, female or joint combination of mediators we can help sort out problems that have lead to the dispute, clear up misunderstandings and bring about a sensible way forward agreed by all involved.

We have considerable experience of resolving a range of disputes and arguments whilst respecting, understanding and giving a voice to each individual.

An agreement reached by both parties will be recorded in a written mediation agreement.

Team Mediation will be with you all the way.