Why choose Mediation?

Ending any relationship can be a very difficult and emotional time. When matters are left unresolved the more anger, hurt, bitterness and pain is experienced. When communication breaks down separating parties are left wondering:

  • Where will I live and how will I finance it?
  • What about the family home, savings, assets etc?
  • What about the children, school, contact, finance etc.

All highly stressful, sensitive and emotive subjects will need to be talked about at some time or become a serious health or wealth hazard.

Long drawn out arguments through solicitors or legal representatives can amount to thousands of pounds in legal fees. The court process can take months and sometimes even years. Once the case has been completed through the legal process, hostility, animosity and resentment sometimes still remain.

Mediation is much more human and gives you both the ability to arrive at your own agreement together. All couples are different but usually mediation can be concluded within two or three sessions. The cost of mediation will be minimal versus protracted arguments through legal representatives.

What is Mediation?

Family Mediation

Mediation is a well established, voluntary process for resolving disagreements. The Mediator is an impartial third party who helps facilitate or makes possible a mutually acceptable resolution between a range of different relationships (Married, co-habitation, unmarried, civil partnerships etc)

Mediation has recently become high profile as the Legal Aid System is now encouraging a greater use of mediation for divorcing and separating couples.

Mediation empowers and guides the parties to reach a progressive agreement, personal and unique to them.

What Mediation is not!

A mediator does not make any decisions or offer legal or specialised advice, but assists both parties in reaching their own joint decisions through dialogue and communication in an impartial and independent manner.