Arguments between brothers, sisters, mothers, grandparents, daughter/son- in- law and any other combination of relatives are particularly upsetting and painful and in some cases can lead to days, months and years without contact or communication. Family rows and disputes can be simple or complex such as contact with children, arguments, school, friends, boy/girl friends, sexuality, money, smoking, drugs, work, business disputes and many, many more reasons. Disagreements between family and relatives no matter how small, left unresolved can cause stress, anxiety and trauma which more often than not can result in unnecessary pain, worry and health issues!

With our male, female or joint combination of mediators we can help sort out problems that have lead to the upset, clear up misunderstandings and bring about a sensible way forward agreed by all involved.

We have considerable experience of resolving a range of disputes and arguments whilst respecting, understanding and giving a voice to each individual member of the family concerned.

Sorting your family dispute through mediation means that family members involved decide how things are resolved. You are the family members and know what’s best and what is right for your family and more importantly, FOR YOU! Don’t let costly legal action or a Judge make the decision for you!

An agreement reached by both parties will be recorded in a written mediation agreement.

Team Mediation will be with you all the way.