About us

Team Mediation mediators are all registered members of the College Of Mediation and the Family Mediation Association.

Team Mediation is an independent Midlands based organization offering professionally qualified and experienced family mediators.

Team Mediation mediators are flexible, mobile and are able to attend a venue to suit the client‘s geographical choice or preferred practical, confidential location.

Complete neutrality, impartiality and fairness are basic features at Team Mediation and are absolutely assured from the onset.

Total confidentiality, privacy and discretion are of paramount importance, not only for you as the client, but also completely guaranteed with Team Mediation.

Trust, respect, listening and being listened to are key elements that are openly encouraged and agreed within Team Mediation meetings.

At Team Mediation we are focused on the needs, concerns, interests and wellbeing of each individual involved in the mediation process.

Team Mediation is able to manage and complete the whole process of mediation from one to one initial consultation, to joint mediation, asset sharing and final legal agreement contract.

Why choose Team Mediation?

Mediation for some is an emotional, painful and highly sensitive time. Whether your situation is amicable or acrimonious as skilled mediators we will ensure all parties involved are;

  • given a voice
  • given time to reflect
  • able to make informed decisions
  • given the opportunity to seek professional guidance / help
  • respected
  • able to explore and seek own solution
  • given the opportunity to move forward
  • able to acknowledge others and own feelings
  • agree to accept ground rules to ensure progress
  • Allowed to release emotion, anger and frustration to aid progress

Team Mediation is a small, personal mediation service where privacy, integrity and confidentiality allow for matters to be discussed in an open, honest and frank manner. We believe you have the ability to make your own decisions about your own family and its needs. Take the stress and expense out of this already emotionally and financially difficult time.

We would welcome your call and will explain our service and listen to your story. We will endeavour to answer any questions you may have or information we can help you with. We will not charge you for this and you are under no obligation. Click here to contact us.